Hutlihut – Cultural heritage from television to football pitch

The paper introduces the reader to a co-design project that intermediary Danish cultural heritage to a target group. In collaboration with the selected target group this paper will introduce the reader to co-design methods conducted during our design process to fulfill the target of this project; inspire teenage footballers by introducing them to cultural heritage. To introduce the target group to the case we did a controlled observation with film-viewing of a documentary. Afterwards we conducted a focus group interview with photo elicitation consisting of highlights from the shown footage to make the target group consider and select points of interest. To gain an understanding of the future use of our project idea we made the target group set the stage and enact scenarios during a drama and theater session, which was inspired by the photo elicitation material and our findings of insights from the focus group interview. The goal of our case is to introduce cultural heritage to Danish teenage football players and inspire them to adopt it to their football activities.

Co-design opgave

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